News from Nepal (English Version)

Some days ago I returned from this fantastic country. I am back but my thoughts are still there with my dear children, friends and people. As usural it was like a home coming, immersing myself in such a different world that is increasingly affecting me.

A year ago, the emotional highlight was the opening of our vocational school in Pokhara, now it was the closing of our kindergarten in Kathmandu in order to integrate the students in another place. The closing ceremony with the many performances of our children, the speeches by Sony, Kristiz, Rajkumar Maharjan, a mother as a delegate, and myself were peppered with happiness, memories, and some sadness. Almost all the mothers had come with their children and they were touched by the dance performances of their daughters and sons. The teachers had worked hard which included decorating the walls with photos from the past five years. When viewed by all the children many memories came up for them and they laughed a lot and were happy to admire themselves in the photographs.

On the following days I helped to clear out everything, to clean and I also organized where bring everything. We, the staff together with six mothers worked from early morning till late afternoon. I think the experience cleaning together was enrichment for all: for me to see what the Nepali women understand by cleanliness and for them to see what is meant by Swiss cleanliness. In any case, we received a huge compliment from the otherwise grumpy homeowner at the handover.

For five years, the Aasha children were privileged to spend in this beautiful house and now they have the fortunate opportunity to attend a beautiful, modern and cosmopolitan school, the Mount View School. I visited them there after the holidays (all schools were closed because of Nepali New Year until April 18th). The primary school students were already admitted there, the change only affects the kindergarten level. The little ones were happy and fully integrated into the kindergarten classes from first day on. They like the given lunch and a special place with our tables and chairs has been prepared for them. I visited all the classes, talked to the teachers, and viewed the detailed school reports. The feedback from teachers was excellent so we can be very proud of all our kids!

The second part of my trip was mostly spent in Pokhara,at our vocational school. This institution also makes me very happy because as soon as you enter the gate, you feel you have entered another world. Everything is well maintained and you immediately feel the aura of this unique school. The school management does a very good job as does the administrative assistant who is responsible for the trainees and teachers amongst other duties. Together with the caretaker, she also looks after the garden. To my delight the tailoring class Level 2 took place. These participating women had already attended our first sewing course and passed the entrance examination for this further training course after six month of self-employment. It was my pleasure to welcome these motivated and happy women. Soon, the technicians will also be able to attend a further training course.

Unfortunately we need to postpone our agricultural school project because the financing has not yet been guaranteed.

The vocational school, together with the planned agricultural school is something unique in Pokhara and has already gained an outstanding reputation with a success rate in the final exams of100%. The exams are taken and held by the Ministry of Vocational Training in Kathmandu. I am convinced that on my next visit the school will be filled with even more trainees.

I was also happy and proud to get the chance this time to meet my son Elias and his girl-friend Luzia on their first visit to Nepal and to show them the projects.

Many thanks to everybody who made my five weeks so terrific and a big thank you to all our sponsors and well-wishers. Without them our projects could not survive.


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