The association

The association has its seat in Magden/Switzerland and is recognized as a charitable organization by the tax administration. Your donations are tax-exempt. 


Do good – sprinkle happiness


Our activities include:


-       Financial and organizational support to Nepalese and Tibetans schools

-       Providing sponsorships for Nepali and Tibetan children and youth in need

-       Assistance to and support for single needy mothers in regards to work inquiries, illness and education

-       Helping people to help themselves


Why do we help?

We will never forget the warmth and kindness we received during our travels in Nepal. At the same time we saw almost everywhere people struggling in life, struggling to get some food or obtain elementary requirements. We saw small children living on the street, as there was no money available to allow them to attend a nursery school. We also unfortunately saw that very young women get married, become married and left immediately by their husbands. There were also young widows with small children not knowing how to survive due to a lack of income. This heartbreaking fact, motivated us to open a small Kindergarten for children of single mothers or needy young families.


In addition, there are numerous youths, who having left school at the age of sixteen or earlier have no future besides streets. This is due to a variety of reasons such as failure in SLC exam (School Leaving Certificate), a lack of means to go for further studies and for girls the demand by parents to return home for domestic help. Furthermore, the Nepali Government doesn’t care to deliver apprentice trainings. This results in the fact that many Nepali young men leave the country, mostly to the Gulf region for inferior work as day laborers. This inspired us to implement the Education and Vocational Training School in Pokhara, modeled after our Swiss apprenticeship training system.


Moreover we want to support already existing projects such as schools for Tibetan Refugees in Pokhara and throughout the country. The Tibetans are still not recognized as citizens in Nepal and even children of the third generation hold refugee status. This denies them many possibilities that citizenship would afford.