The projects

The initial reason to found the organization was the idea to establish a preschool for the children of single mothers in need. Already after one year of fund raising we opened our Kindergarten Aasha Preparatory School in Balkot/Bakhtapur, a community outside of Kathmandu City.

Also, we were able to give some financial support to the Kindergarten in Hemja, the Tibetan Settlement located near Pokhara.

During the 2015 earthquake we supported a primary school in Ramkot in the Kathmandu Valley and a school in Gorkha. In addition we donated money for the Tibetans from the Langtang region who were injured and hospitalized for needed surgery.

Our sponsored small Creativity Center in Pokhara, was badly affected during the earthquake. The numerous training courses such as computer-, mechanical- and doll making classes to needy and interested community members had to be temporarily suspended. The situation convinced us to create a professional vocational and training center. We worked together with our coordinators in Pokhara and after a successful fund raising drive we opened the doors for young school leavers, unemployed youth and motivated girls and women who wish to learn marketable skills in addition to their household chores.


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