Support Children and Youth in Nepal through our association

As a member, sponsor, or donor, you will receive at least one annual report on our activities. Your support serves as our motivation to actively engage and assist the children and people of Nepal in their pursuit of a brighter and worry-free future.


We deeply appreciate your generosity and trust in our work, as it is through your contributions that we are able to make a meaningful difference.


Become a member and chose your annual fee:

  • membership basic: CHF 50
  • membership silver: CHF 250
  • membership gold: CHF 500


For ongoing sponsorships, the annual amount is CHF 450. The sponsorship will end after the completion of the 10th grade. However, you are more than welcome to continue supporting your sponsored child on a private basis.


Of course we are also happy about one-time donations or annual contributions according to your budget. 


Note: You also have the option to make monthly payments.