Aasha Children / Mount View School

Since 2013, HOPE has been dedicated to providing children from socially disadvantaged families, particularly those from single mothers, with the opportunity for quality education. In April 2013, we welcomed the first ten children to our Aasha Preparatory School, and each year, more children have joined our program. Through sponsorships, we support children who are enrolled in Mount View English Boarding School. We are proud to share that our very first student, Aarathi, graduated with one of the highest school leaving certificates upon completing Grade 10 (2022).


In April 2018, we made the decision to close Aasha Preparatory School due to various circumstances, including a double rent demand from the landlord and the principal's resignation due to personal reasons. However, we firmly believe that our kindergarten children are in good hands at Mount View School. This decision allows us to allocate the resources previously used for operating the kindergarten towards further supporting the children.


HOPE has always recognized the abundance of schools in Nepal, and thus, we made the decision to enroll our Aasha children in an existing school for their education. After careful consideration and visits to several reputable schools, we chose Mount View English Boarding School in Balkot/Bakhtapur. The principal, Meena Maharjan, provides exceptional care and support to our students.

Tibetan Kindergarten in Hemja

The approximately 20,000 Tibetans in Nepal continue to live as refugees in their own camps, even in the third generation. Despite growing up in the country, they still face challenges in fully integrating and pursuing various professions. As a result, the Tibetan villages heavily rely on donations to support their schools, elderly care facilities, and infrastructure.


In our efforts to contribute, we provide modest assistance to the Tibetan kindergarten located in the picturesque refugee village of Hemja/Tashi Palkhiel near Pokhara.


This kindergarten caters to around twenty children and our support includes funding for daily milk rations as well as providing toys and school materials when needed.


We maintain a strong connection with the principal, Mrs. Pema Choeden, and her team, ensuring that we stay informed about the ongoing needs and developments in the kindergarten.